Our History

Once upon a time in a small town, a community where many people know each other by name, and there is only one traffic light, where the largest and only fast food .... is a 'lonely' Subway, ....we have beautiful, friendly, little town called, Rochester WA.

In 2006 Leon Martin moved here to assist the local auto service and working out of a small 29x40 shop area, with a miniature office area .....has steadily grown the sales average, over 20% increase per year for 8 years straight. Thanks to great people, dedicated technicians, and all involved, it has been success. We also thank God for his blessing.

With our slogan "Neighbor to Neighbor..Bumper to Bumper" we were fast growing out of space!

We knew we needed more room if we were going to continue serving our customers in a timely/efficient manner. Looking for options while steadily growing has been challenging. Considering building new, but the permits/restrictions/zoning/costs, etc. we're all factors that limited our progress in moving forward.

So six years ago we started making plans with an existing facility and renovate to our standards. This new project ends up with six bays, additional service area which is future expansion. This also includes a very intense focus on being clean and "green" with a commitment that benefits the environment and mankind!

The Lord provided and we were able to lease/purchase the present location 18225 Pendleton St. Rochester WA. It is 4.4 acre property.

Not only are we able to assist more clients, we actually have room to park, with all security cameras/chain link fencing in place, and protecting our clients vehicles.....compared to the small 3/8 acre property we moved from.

What a job and undertaking in all the changes that needed to happen!

April 2014 we began "gutting out" the old sandblasting/repair shop that was a landmark in the community. We had a very good working relationship with the county and were able to open for business by October 14, 2014! What a blessing to be up and running with over 4000 sq. facility.

We offer a complete auto/ light truck , under hood/under-car/bumper to bumper service !
We welcome a visit anytime from clients/young and well seasoned...!

We are happy to welcome visits from, what some may call "competition".....we call them family. Anybody that is assisting in "healing" the wonderful world of automobiles is in "my family ". We are willing to share information to assist in any way we can. We believe in the ethics of honesty and putting people ahead of the money. We want to treat all customers the way we want to be treated. This is our mission!

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