Ways to Prevent Transmission Failure

The transmission system in your car ensures that that power from the engine reaches the wheels for them to rotate. It is a critical part of the vehicle because you'll have gear-shifting issues and other transmission issues if it fails. To avoid transmission problems, follow the following tips.


Perform Transmission Fluid Flushes


Just like the power steering and braking system rely on special fluids to operate, the transmission system uses transmission fluid for smooth gearbox function. Typically, it is recommended to flush the transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.


You can check the transmission fluid using a dipstick. Use the owner's manual to identify the transmission fluid tank under the hood. Dip the stick inside and pull it out after a moment. Quality transmission fluid is bright red/clear with a sweet smell. If it appears murky with an unpleasant odor, it's time for transmission fluid flush.


Service the Engine Cooling System


Most people think that the automotive cooling system is specifically dedicated to the engine. As it prevents engine overheating, the cooling system also cools the gearbox. Unlike the motor, the transmission system will develop problems with the slightest cooling problem. You'll likely require a transmission repair before the engine overheats. Therefore, ensure you service the cooling system regularly.


Exercise Caution When Switching Gears


The automotive gearbox is a delicate component that gets damaged when you carelessly shift gears. For instance, you can expect transmission issues if you frequently engage reverse gear while driving or switch it to park mode when the vehicle hasn't completely stopped.


With time, repeated instances of these behaviors stress the transmission system, leading to wear and tear. Eventually, the entire system fails. It's critical to engage the reverse or park gear after ensuring the vehicle has stopped.


Have the Transmission System Inspected


Prevention is better than cure, and adhering to an annual transmission maintenance schedule can prevent many problems. Therefore, invest in a comprehensive car inspection every year so that the technician picks up potential transmission problems at their bud. Fixing them at that stage saves you money and time in the long term.


Are you looking for a professional automotive technician for your transmission needs? Bring your vehicle to our automotive care center today!

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